About Me

Mariana Lorena is an enthusiastic person with a passion for sustainable development. Over the last few years Mariana have worked as an architect on diverse sectors such as education, health, housing and commercial. With proven track record in time-efficiency and strong interpersonal skills, communication within the team and external stakeholders was always easy. 

However, the rapid urbanisation of the world  pressures architects to build not only functional and aesthetic buildings, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable development driven built environments. To design such a healthy built environment it is required not only an understanding from a wide range of disciplines such as art, engineering, sociology and building technologies, but also extensive knowledge in climate, energy consumption, water conservation, social responsibility and eco materials to this body of knowledge.  

With this purpose, Mariana completed the Masters programme 'Master of Sustainable Development within the built environment' which expanded her knowledge to design buildings with minimal global impact and as well as her interest for sustainable building operations. 

Mariana advocates therefore that for a sustainable outcome, the design of the building has to go hand-in-hand with its operations. In other words, a green building without proper energy consumption, water conservation and resource efficiency is not a sustainable building as the inappropriate use of the building will cause a significant negative impact in the natural environment.


Anonymous said...

Olá! Gostaria de ir para a austrália estudar/trabalhar juntamente com o meu namorado... como vi no blog (becoming aussies) está aí desde 2009. É possivel esclarecer-me em alguns assuntos e uns dicas?


MeRiaN said...

Olá, Envie-me um email privado e ajudarei no que poder. Cheers