Monday, May 28, 2012

The Future of the Hotel Industry

Due to increased tourism and market globalisation, the hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. At the same time,  such industry buildings require high level of resource utilisation. The ecological footprint of hotels is therefore typically quite large putting pressure on the global environment. 

In the hotel industry the typically prevailing need for short-term economic profits makes it difficult to incorporate sustainability principles, which do bring profits but in a long-term (Bohdanowicz). It is therefore critical for the industry to understand that going green is not only a good business, but a smart business! 

To better comprehend how much resources american hotels have been using and how much they could save, provides some useful info-graphs where the amount of energy, water, resources and CO2 are translated into simple everyday, relatable items and events.


An increasing number of hotels are already demonstrating that by implementing a few simple initiatives, they can save money and resources while also making a positive impact for both the ecology and social environment. 

In addition, ever more travellers expect that the places they choose to stay are environmentally conscious, and are favouring hotels that demonstrate this awareness in their everyday practices.

To maintain tourisms reputation as one of the most important economic, social, cultural and political phenomena, the industry must walk towards a  greener future. 

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